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© 2014 Voltivo Group Ltd., All rights reserved, Product information and specification can change time from time. For any queries, please contact us at: sales@voltivo.com
Product Overview
Voltivo ExcelFil™ is a high grade, high density 3D printing filament available in both PLA and ABS that is perfectly suited to and tested with a wide range
of 3D printers. It allows for easy extrusion due to its tight laser-controlled tolerance, smooth flow over a broad temperature range, rapid cooling and a high
tensile strength. It comes in a large range of colors and in two diameters that fit most available printers. We ship ExcelFil™ on sturdy recyclable spools,
vacuum sealed with a desiccant bag to ensure it arrives moisture free.


Primary Features & Benefits
Customers choosing ExcelFil™ get more than just a supply of high quality
filament. In addition, we provide the value-added services below for our
Filament Characterization
On average, we spend 2 weeks testing and characterizing each new
material, diameter and color combination through various semi-
automated tests. Above and beyond the manufacturing quality control,
we re-run these tests on a quarterly basis to ensure we always ship
ExcelFil™ that provides reliable and repeatable print results.
ExcelFil™ Filament Print Support Database
Creating successful prints greatly depends on the correct print settings.
3D printing unfortunately is not as straight forward as desktop printing.
The various potential combinations of material, color, 3D model, slicing
software and printer hardware each greatly influence the success of 3D
prints. Based on the characterization tests outlined above, we make
available a great amount of information for specific use cases, providing
our customers with a great starting point for getting the most out of their
ExcelFil™. Each ExcelFil™ spool is labeled with a QR Code which provides
direct access to the specific support database entry for that spool. The
database and Voltivo website are both smartphone compatible for quick
lookup on-the-go as well.
The Environment
We care a great deal about our environment. Voltivo tries to strike a balance
between convenience and protecting natural resources. Our PLA is made
from renewable sources, namely corn starch and sugarcane. However,
for specific applications, which require higher operating temperatures
that are close to exceed PLAs melting point, we offer an ABS option.
In certain countries, we provide a recycling service for your empty spools.
Characteristic PLA ABS
& Accuracy
Nominal 2.85mm ±0.05mm
Nominal 1.75mm ±0.05mm
Roundness Accuracy ±0.05mm
Density 1.31g/cm³ 1.01g/cm³
Melt Point 210°C 260°C
Print Temperature Range
(Provided on Support Site
for every Color/Material)
185°C to 195°C 220°C to 260°C
Spool Spool Outer Diameter: 200 mm
Spool Inner Diameter: 32 mm
Width: 60 mm
Packaging Vacuum-sealed PE bag with desiccant,
outer cardboard protective box
Labeling QR code For support link & SKU, EAN13
Compliance RoHS 2
Retail Packaging 210mm x 210mm x 75mm
Material Net Weight 1kg ±0.05kg
Gross Weight 1.35kg
Ordering Information
MMM = Material: ABS or PLA
DDD = Nominal Diameter: 175 or 300
CCCCC = Color Code (please see beside)
Example: EF-PLA-300-SWHIT : PLA 3mm in Snow White
Order Quantities and price groups:
An MOQ of 60 spools per color/diameter applies
>=360 spools Wholesale Price Group
>=720 spools Distribution Partner Price Group
Color Choices
Color Pantone¹ Color -SKU PLA ABS
Coal Black N/A CBLCK 1.75/3mm 1.75/3mm
Snow White P 1-1 C SWHIT 1.75/3mm 1.75/3mm
Ash Grey P 179-6 C AGREY 1.75/3mm 1.75/3mm
Cherry Red P 48-16 C CHRED 1.75/3mm 1.75/3mm
Candy Yellow P 1-8 C CYELL 1.75/3mm 1.75/3mm
Deep Purple P 88-8 C DPURP 1.75/3mm 1.75/3mm
Sky Blue P 109-5 C CKBLU 1.75/3mm 1.75/3mm
Ocean Blue P 102-16 C OBLUE 1.75/3mm 1.75/3mm
Leafy Green P 143-16 C LGREE 1.75/3mm 1.75/3mm
Signal Orange P 34-8 C SORAN 1.75/3mm 1.75/3mm
No Dye
Natural Beige N/A NBEIG 1.75/3mm 1.75/3mm
Transparent N/A TP TRANS 1.75/3mm 1.75/3mm
Metallic range
Arctic Silver P 179-9 C ASILV 1.75/3mm 1.75/3mm
Bling Gold P 12-6 C BGOLD 1.75/3mm 1.75/3mm
¹ The Pantone color match is an approximation. Please consider ordering a samples for
accurate colors.

ExcelFil™ - High Grade 3D Printing Filament

Successful 3D prints, first time, every time!

3D Manufacturing

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ExcelFil | EF-ABS-175-OBLUE
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