Turtle Beach Ear Force X11 manual

Turtle Beach Ear Force X11
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User’s Guide

Using the Amplifier

Game Audio Volume:
This volume control sets the level of
the game audio.
Chat Volume:
This volume control sets the level of
XBOX LIVE chat voices from other
Mic Mute Switch:
This switch mutes the microphone.
Amplifier LED:
This LED will light Green when the
mic is active and Red when the mic
is muted.
Game Audio
(Mic output to
XBOX controller)
Mic Mute

Package Contents

 headset
controller talkback cable

Avoid Hearing Damage

Important Information

Over time, your ears adapt to loud
volume levels, so a level that may not
cause initial discomfort may still
damage your hearing.
If you experience ringing in your ears
after using the headset, it means the
volume is set too loud. The louder
the volume is set, the less time it
takes to affect your hearing. So, please
take care to listen at moderate levels.
Turn down the volume if you can’t
hear people speaking near you.
Avoid turning up the volume to block
out noisy surroundings.
information and our support
knowledge base, visit TurtleBeach.com

Connecting the X�� to a PC

These instructions show how to set
up the X as a headset for PC
gaming or VoIP.
In this configuration, the amplifier game volume
may be used to adjust the game sound level and
the mic mute switch may be used to silence the
microphone. The chat volume serves no function
in this setup.
Step :
Connect the X.mm
audio plug to the speaker output
Step :
Connect the
.mm plug to
the microphone
input of your
Step :
Insert the X
PC to power the X.
Green .mm
audio plug
Pink .
mic plug
. Be careful when turning up the
master volume control on the
amplifier. Before placing the
headphones over your ears, set the
volume control to minimum, then
slowly increase until you reach a
comfortable level.
. Like any speakers, overdriving a
headset may cause damage to both
the headset and your ears. Please
listen at moderate levels.
. WARNING: Long term exposure to
loud music or other sounds in a
headset may cause hearing damage.
It is best to avoid extreme volume
levels when using a headset,
especially for extended periods.

About the X Headset

 amplified
headset gives serious gamers the
ultimate competitive edge by
combining XBOX LIVE chat and
stereo game audio into an
immersive sound experience.
The X’s integrated design
overcomes the limitation of
communicator headsets that block
game sound from one ear and
eliminates voice chat interference
caused by the headset microphone
picking up sound from external
Pump up the volume without
disturbing friends, family or
neighbors. Hear every nuance of the
game - from an opponent sneaking
voice right next to you. Trash talk
everything you need for an amazing
gaming experience.
Chat +
Stereo Game Audio
Turtle Beach Ear Force X11

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Turtle Beach Ear Force X11 specifikationer

Mærke Turtle Beach
Model Ear Force X11
Produkt Hovedtelefon
EAN 731855021567
Sprog Engelsk
Filtype PDF
Ørekobling Supraaural
Impedens - ohm (Ω)
Driverenhed 40 mm
Hovedtelefon følsomhed 120 dB
Hovedtelefon frekvens 30 - 20000 Hz
Magnet-type Neodym
Tilslutning af mikrofon 3,5 mm
Mikrofon frekvens 50 - 15000 Hz
Porte & Grænseflader
Forbindelsesteknologi Ledningsført
Genopladeligt batteri Ja
Vægt & størrelser
Vægt 233 g
Kabellængde 4.877 m
Produkttype Headset
Pakkevægt 531 g
Pakkedybde 100 mm
Pakkehøjde 272 mm
Pakkebredde 240 mm
Emballage indhold
Antal 1
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