TiVo Premiere 4 manual

TiVo Premiere 4

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Premiere 4
Premiere 4/XL4 Viewer’s Guide
SDOC-00138-002 A1
The TiVo button takes you to the TiVo Central
screen, the starting
point for all your TiVo features and settings.
Live TV/Swap takes you to live TV. If you’re watching live TV, use it to swap tuners.
Info shows the channel banner while watching live TV; press it again to make it disappear.
Rewind rewinds a show. Press it up to three times for three speeds. When a
show is paused, press Rewind to go back frame-by-frame.
Fast-Forward fast-forwards through a show. Press it up to three
times for three speeds. When a show is paused, press Forward to
advance frame-by-frame.
Guide takes you to the program guide, where you can find shows to watch or record. Press
it again to clear the guide.
Use the Channel Up/Down buttons to change the channel and to page up or
down while in the program guide or TiVo menus.
If programmed, TV PWR turns your TV or A/V receiver on/off.
See page 74 for more information.
Input to select the input (such as TiVo box, DVD player,
game system) your TV displays.
Zoom to change aspect ratio of shows on your TV.
If programmed,
Volume controls the volume on your TV or A/V
Pause freezes a show. Press it again to resume playing.
Slow plays a show in slow motion.
Use Select to choose menu options or shows to record.
If programmed, Mute turns the volume on your TV or stereo on or off.
Press Record to start recording the show you’re watching, or to set up a
recording for a show selected in the program guide.
Replay repeats the last 8 seconds of the show. Press and hold to jump to the beginning
of a show.
Use the Arrow Buttons to navigate the TiVo menus and the program guide.
Advance moves forward in 30-second increments; press and
hold to jump to the end of the show. While viewing a recorded
show, press Advance to jump to the next tick mark when
fast-forwarding or rewinding.
Play starts playing a show from the My Shows list. When you are using
pause, rewind, fast-forward or slow, pressing Play will resume playing at
normal speed.
In TiVo with HD menus, the buttons sort and filter views. Look for the
onscreen tips.
Clear removes the display of the channel banner or program guide, and deletes titles from the
My Shows or To Do list.
Use Number buttons to enter channel numbers.
Enter/Last returns you to the last channel tuned to in
live TV. In the program guide, press Enter/Last to see
Guide Options.
Use the Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down buttons to rate shows for TiVo
Suggestions. You can give up to three Thumbs Up (great!) or three Thumbs Down
(terrible!). In TiVo with HD menus, you can also use the THUMBS UP button to
mark any video provider, category, or collection as a favorite.
Remote Control

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Porte & Grænseflader
USB 2.0 porte, antal 2
eSATA porte, antal 1
HDMI porte, antal 1
Digital lyd, udgående optisk 1
Ethernet LAN (RJ-45) porte 1
Maksimalt antal drev pr. kabinet 1
HDD grænseflade SATA
Vægt & størrelser
Mål (BxHxD) 419.1 x 246.38 x 60.96
Vægt 3011
Antal TV-tunere 4
Farve på produkt Sort
Strømkrav 120VAC, 60Hz, 1.0A
Emballage indhold
Fjernbetjening   yes
Optisk drev
Optisk drev inkluderet no
Driftstemperatur (T-T) 15 - 35
Relativ luftfugtighed (H-H) 5 - 80