Sony ICD-TX650 manual

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IC Recorder
Startup Guide
© 2015 Sony Corporation Printed in China
Refer to the Help Guide
This is the Startup Guide, which provides you with
instructions on the basic operations of the IC recorder.
The Help Guide is an online manual.
Refer to the Help Guide when you would like to know
further details, operations and possible solutions when a
problem occurs.
On power
Operate the unit only on 3.7 V DC with the built-in
rechargeable lithium-ion battery.
On safety
Do not operate the unit while driving, cycling or operating
any motorized vehicle.
On handling
ˎ Do not leave the unit in a location near heat sources, or
in a place subject to direct sunlight, excessive dust or
mechanical shock.
ˎ Should any solid object or liquid fall into the unit, have the
unit checked by qualified personnel before operating it
any further.
ˎ When using your IC recorder, remember to follow the
precautions below in order to avoid warping the cabinet
or causing the IC recorder to malfunction.
Do not sit down with the IC recorder in your back pocket.
Do not put your IC recorder into a bag with the
headphones/earphones cord wrapped around it and
subject the bag to strong impact.
If you have any questions or problems concerning your
unit, please consult your nearest Sony dealer.
Capacity (User available capacity*1*2)
16 GB (approx. 14.40 GB = 15,461,882,265 Byte)
* A small amount of the internal memory is used for file management
and therefore not available for user storage.
* When the built-in memory is formatted with the IC recorder.
Dimensions (w/h/d) (not incl. projecting parts and
controls) (JEITA)*3
Approx. 102.0 mm × 20.0 mm × 7.4 mm
Mass (JEITA)*3
Approx. 29 g
* Measured value by the standard of JEITA (Japan Electronics and
Information Technology Industries Association)
Check the supplied items
ˎ IC Recorder (1)
ˎ Stereo headphones (1)
ˎ USB cable (1)
ˎ Carrying pouch (1)
ˎ Startup Guide (this sheet)
ˎ Warranty card
ˎ Application Software, Sound Organizer (Installer file stored
in the built-in memory so that you can install it to your
ˎ Help Guide (HTML file stored in the built-in memory so it
can easily be copied to your computer.)
Optional accessories
ˎ USB AC adaptor AC-UD20
Depending on the country or region, some of the models or
optional accessories are not available.
Let’s try out your new IC recorder
Charge the IC recorder.
Using the supplied USB cable, connect the USB
connector inside the USB connector cover to a USB port
of a running computer.
Charging starts.
When the battery is fully charged, the battery indicator
will indicate “
Disconnect the IC recorder.
Make sure that the operation indicator does not light.
Then refer to the Help Guide to remove the IC recorder
Power on
Turn the power on.
Slide and hold the POWER•HOLD switch in the direction
of “POWER” until the window display appears.
To turn the power off, slide and hold the POWER•HOLD
switch in the direction of “POWER” until “Power Off” is
To prevent unintentional operations (HOLD)
¼ To release the IC recorder from the HOLD status, slide the
POWER•HOLD switch towards the center.
Set the initial settings
When you turn on the power for the first time, or when the
clock has not been set, “Setting Date&Time” appears, and
you can set the clock.
Press or to select “Next, and then press
Press or to change the number of the
year, and then press  to enter the number.
Repeat this procedure to set month, day, hour, and
minute in sequence.
You can move the cursor to the previous item by
pressing BACK/HOME.
Press or to select “Next, and then press
The clock reflects the setting and the setting window
for turning the beep sound on or off is displayed.
Press or to select “Yes” or “No,” and then
press .
When you finish setting the beep, the HOME menu
window is displayed.
ˎ If you do not press any buttons within 1 minute at initial
settings, “Quit Initial Set-up?” or “Quit Beep Settings?” appears
on the display window.
ˎ You can set the clock setting and beep sound setting later. For
details, refer to the Help Guide of the IC recorder.
Select the menu language
Press and hold BACK/HOME.
Press or to select “ Settings” -
“Common Settings” - “Language, and then press
Press or to select the language that you
want to use in the display window, and then press
You can select the following languages:
Deutsch (German), English*, Español (Spanish), Français
(French), Italiano (Italian),  (Russian)
* Default setting
Press and hold BACK/HOME to return to the HOME
Operation indicator
¼ Before you start using the IC recorder, make sure that you
slide the POWER•HOLD switch towards the center to release
the HOLD status.
Press .
Recording starts and the operation indicator lights in
Place the IC recorder so that the built-in
microphones face the direction of the source to be
Press  again to stop recording.
“Saving... appears and the display returns to the
recording stop mode window.
By pressing  after you stop recording, you can play
back the file just recorded.
Operation indicator
Press or to select “ Recorded Files”
from the HOME menu, and then press .
Press or to select the desired folder, and
then press .
Press or to select the desired file, and
then press .
Playback starts and the operation indicator lights in
Adjust the volume by pressing VOL –/+.
Press  to stop playback.
¼ The built-in speaker is for checking the recorded sound, so
the volume is limited. If playback sound is not loud enough
or is difficult to hear, use headphones.
Once a file is deleted, you cannot restore it.
Select the file you want to delete from the list of
recorded files or play back the file you want to
Press OPTION, press or to select “Delete a
File, and then press .
“Delete?” appears and the specified file is played back
for confirmation.
Press or to select “Yes,” and then press
“Please Wait” appears in the display window and the
selected file will be deleted.
Using the HOME menu
You can display the HOME menu to use each function by
pressing and holding BACK/HOME.
The HOME menu allows you to select a function, search
your recorded files, or change the settings on the IC
Press and hold BACK/HOME.
The HOME menu window appears.
The HOME menu items are aligned in the following
Podcast Recorded
Record Settings Return to
* The function you are currently using
is displayed in “XX.
Press or to select the function you want
to use, and then press .
You can select the functions listed below:
You can select podcast files
imported from a computer, and play
them back.
You can select music files imported
from a computer, and play them
Recorded Files
You can select files recorded using
the IC recorder, and play them back.
The recorded files are stored in a
You can display the recording
window. To start recording, press
You can display the Settings menu
and change various settings on the
IC recorder.
Return to XX*
Select this item to return to the
window displayed before entering
the HOME menu.
* The function you are currently
using is displayed in “XX.
Using the OPTION menu
You can display the OPTION menu by pressing OPTION.
The OPTION menu items vary for each function of the IC
recorder, and allow you to change various settings, etc.
Select the function you want to use from the
HOME menu, press  and then press OPTION.
The OPTION menu items for the function you have
selected are displayed.
Press or to select the menu item for
which you want to make setting, and then press
Press or to select the setting that you
want to set, and then press .
¼ About details of the setting items with each function, refer to
the Help Guide.
Installing Sound Organizer
Refer to the Help Guide of the IC recorder to install Sound
Organizer on your computer.
ˎ Sound Organizer is compatible with the Windows PC only. It is
not compatible with Mac.
ˎ If you format the built-in memory, all data stored there will be
erased. (The Help Guide and the Sound Organizer software will
also be erased.)
¼ When installing Sound Organizer, log in to an account with
administrator privileges.
Do not expose the batteries (battery pack or batteries installed)
to excessive heat such as sunshine, fire or the like for a long
Notice for the customers: the following information
is only applicable to equipment sold in the countries
applying EU directives
Manufacturer: Sony Corporation, 1-7-1 Konan Minato-ku Tokyo,
108-0075 Japan
For EU product compliance: Sony Deutschland GmbH,
Hedelfinger Strasse 61, 70327 Stuttgart, Germany
To prevent possible hearing damage, do not listen at high
volume levels for long periods.
The display turns off
Press BACK/HOME to turn on the display.
The screen off timer is set to Auto Screen Off” by default
for saving battery power.
If no operation is attempted for approximately 30 seconds
in the stop mode and for approximately 10 seconds in
the recording and playback modes, the display turns off
You can perform a button operation, however, even while
the display is off.
¼ To change the settings, press and hold BACK/HOME and
select “
Settings” - “Common Settings” - “Screen Off
Timer” - “No Auto Screen Off.

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Mærke Sony
Model ICD-TX650
Produkt Diktafon
EAN 4905524993448, 4905524976410, 4905524976403
Sprog Engelsk, Spansk
Produktgruppe Diktafoner
Filtype PDF
Tekniske detaljer
Kopi funktion
Farve på produkt Sort
Antal beskedmapper 199
Antal beskeder pr. mappe 4074
Audio optagelsesformater LPCM, MP3
Redigeringsfunktioner Track Mark, Erase, Protect, Divide, Move File, File Copy, Folder Name Change
PC tilsluttet
USB opladning
Hovedtelefon udgange 1
Digital pitch kontrol (hastighedskontrol)
Digital stemme
Frekvens svar LPCM (44.1kHz, 16bit) 95
Frekvens svar MP3 (192Kbit/s) 95
Maksimal optagetid MP3 (128Kbit/s) 24.15
Maksimal optagetid MP3 (128Kbit/s) 268
Maksimal optagetid MP3 (192Kbit/s) 715
Andre funktioner
Maksimal optagetid 715
Optage-funktioner Lineær pulse kodemodulering (LPCM)
Understøttede lydformater AAC, MP3, WAV, WMA
Indbyggede højttaler(e)
Udgangseffekt 90
Højttaler, diameter 10
Porte & Grænseflader
Grænseflade USB
USB-forbinder Micro-USB B
FM radio
Understøttede medier Internal memory
Indbygget hukommelseskapacitet 16
Batteriteknologi Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion)
Batteriholdbarhed ved optagelse 15
Skærmtype OLED
Vægt & størrelser
Bredde 20
Dybde 7.4
Højde 102
Vægt 29