Sigma 400-1000mm F5.6EXDG

Sigma 400-1000mm F5.6EXDG manual

  • Thank you very much for purchasing a Sigma Lens. In order to get the
    maximum performance and enjoyment out of your Sigma lens, please
    read this instruction booklet thoroughly before you start to use the lens.
    Please make sure that the following standard accessories are included
    with your lens. If any of them is missing, contact the retailer from whom
    you purchased your lens immediately.
    1. Lens body
    (Lens Hood, Filter Holder, DG UV Filter and Rear Cap supplied)
    2. 400-1000mm F5.6 Attachment
    (Front Cap and Rear Cap supplied)
    3. Safety Strap
    4. Dedicated Circular Polarizing (C-PL) Filter
    5. Li-ion Battery BP-21Battery Cover is included
    6. Battery Charger BC-21
    7. Battery Charger Cable
    8. Carrying Case
    9. Instruction Manual
    10. Warranty Card
    11. SIGMA Limited Warranty & Service Network
    Lens body
    1. Lens Hood
    2. Safety Strap Cringle
    3. Carrying Handle
    4. Tripod Socket
    5. Focus Mode Switch
    6. m/ft Switch Button
    7. LCD Panel
    8. Rear Barrel Fixing Knob
    9. Filter Holder
    10. Filter Holder Fixing Knob
    11. Focus Limiter
    12. Battery Compartment Cover
    13. Battery Compartment Cover Fixing Knob
    14. Zoom Ring
    15. Filter Rotator Ring
    16. Focus Ring
    17. Mount
    400-1000mm F5.6 Attachment
    18. Mount (For attaching to the lens body )
    19. Lens Detachment Lever
    20. Mount (For attaching to the camera body)
    APO lenses use high reflective index and low dispersion glass in some
    lens elements. This special glass normally has some tiny air bubbles
    but it does not affect the optical performance of your lens.
    This lens functions in the same way as a G Type auto-focus Nikon
    lens (without an aperture ring). Functions may be restricted
    depending on the lens/camera combination. For more details, please
    refer to the camera’s instruction manual.
    The AF function of this lens can be used with cameras that support
    built-in lens motors.
    Warning !!
    Using the product and disregarding this warning sign may cause serious
    injury or other dangerous results.
    Caution !!
    Using the product disregarding this caution sign may cause injury or
    Warning !! (Lens and Attachment)
    After attaching a lens, do not look directly at the sun, through the
    viewfinder. Doing so can cause damage to the eye or loss of
    Do not look at the sun with the lens of your camera; otherwise you
    can lose your eyesight.
    The weight of this lens is very heavy. When using the safety strap,
    please avoid causing any injury to your body.
    Caution !! (Lens and Attachment)
    Do not aim your lens or camera & lens combinations toward the
    sun; light entering through the lens could cause damage to eyes or
    The mount part of the lens is complicated. Improper usage may
    cause injury.
    Please select a sturdy tripod that is capable of supporting this lens.
    If the tripod is not sturdy enough, it may cause the lens to fall.
    When carrying the lens body while the camera body is attached,
    please grip the lens from its carrying handle. If you carry the lens
    by holding the camera body only, the mount part of the lens or the
    camera body may brake.
    Warning !! (Battery and Battery Charger)
    Keep batteries in a safe place out of children’s reach. If a battery is
    swallowed, call for emergency medical aid immediately.
    Do not use any battery other than the designated battery types.
    Doing so may cause battery explosion, battery leakage, lems
    damage, injury or fire.
    Do not use any battery other than that specified in this booklet.
    Otherwise, it might cause battery explosion, battery leakage, lens
    damage, injury or fire.
    Avoid any shock, shake and drop. Ignoring this warning may cause
    battery explosion, or battery leakage, resulting in injury or fire.
    Never disassemble, short circuit, heat, batteries or put batteries
    into fire. Ignoring this warning may cause battery explosion, battery
    leakage, injury or fire.
    Please only use charger with dedicated battery. Charging other
    battery types causes battery explosion, battery leakage, lens
    damage, injury or fire.
    If for some reason, the camera, lens or batteries emit smoke, or if
    overheating or the smell of burning is detected, remove the
    batteries, taking care to avoid being burned, Take the camera and
    the lens to the retailer where you bought it, or to an authorized
    Sigma service station.
    Please follow all guidelines, rules and regulations of your
    community regarding the disposal of batteries.
    If you do not use the lens for a long period of time, remove the
    Do not attempt to modify or disassemble this product. Doing so can
    cause fire or electric shock.
    If water or a foreign object gets into the battery charger, unplug
    from the AC outlet immediately. It could cause fire or electric shock.
    Do not place any heavy objects on the power cord, or pull it, bend it
    unduly, or heat it. It could damage the cord, and could cause fire or
    electric shock.
    Do not use this product with AC voltage other than the specified
    power supply voltage (AC100V - 240V). Doing so could cause fire
    or electric shock.
    Use a safety approved AC power cord as is specified by each
    Caution !! (Battery and Battery Charger)
    Do not pull the AC power cord, when disconnecting the battery
    charger from the AC outlet. It could cause fire or electric shock due
    to damaged cord. Always take hold of the molded AC plug, when
    unplugging it from the outlet.
    Do not cover the Battery Charger with cloth, cushions, etc. It could
    cause excessive heat, deform the case, and cause fire.
    When Battery Charger is not used unplug it from the AC outlet.
    A lithium ion battery BP-21 is provided with this lens. Charge the
    battery, before using the camera first time. Please charge the battery
    by the supplied battery charger BC-21, when no charge remains.
    1. Connect the power cable to the
    charger and insert the plug into
    the wall outlet.
    2. Attach the battery, by sliding it in
    the direction of the arrow, as
    shown in the diagram.
    Charge lamp will be on during
    It takes about 150 minutes to
    recharge the battery.
    Required time for recharging the
    battery depends on the ambient
    temperature and status of
    recharge level.
    When the charge lamp goes out,
    charging is completed.
    Remove the battery from the charger and remove the power cable
    plug from the wall outlet.
    We recommend charging the battery before using the camera again.
    If it is not used for several days, battery performance decreases.
    In the case that the number of possible shots will decrease
    extremely after charging, it may indicate the end of battery life.
    Please purchase a new battery.
    1. To open the battery compartment cover, turn the battery
    compartment cover fixing knob counter-clockwise, as shown in the
    2. Insert the battery until it reaches the contact points of the lens as
    shown in the illustration.
    3. Insert the battery until it locks into place.
    4. Close the battery compartment cover and then turn the battery
    compartment cover fixing knob clockwise to fix the battery
    compartment cover in place.
    If the battery compartment cover is turned in its improper position, the
    battery compartment cover may brake.
    Inserting the battery will “reset” the lens. Resetting the lens will set
    the zoom position to the wide focal length and set the focusing to the
    infinity, automatically. In addition, all icons in the LCD panel will blink
    and shooting will not be possible. It will be possible to take a picture
    once the lens is reset.
    Eject the battery by sliding the battery
    compartment cover latch in the direction of
    the arrow, as shown in the illustration.
    597EN0861 E ENGLISH

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