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9024 Switch

10 Gbps and 20 Gbps Cluster

Computing Interconnect

An entry-level high performance platform for HPC,
database, and grid clustering
Leading price/performance
24-ports (4X) in a 1U form factor
Supports mixture of SDR and DDR configurations
Low end-to-end latency fabrics
Component of larger multi-tier fabrics
Key Features
Latency less than 140 nsec
Up to 960 Gbps of fabric bandwidth available in
each switch
Non-disruptive code load and activation
Integrates seamlessly with all SilverStorm switch
gateway products for storage and network
Intelligent switching platform supporting SNMP and
API management capabilities
Out-of-Band Ethernet management support
Fully redundant power, cooling, and logic
The SilverStorm 9024 is a high performance 24-port InfiniBand
switch that
enables the construction of high-speed, low latency computer clusters to
power many of today’s business applications such as:
Computer grid/virtualization
Modeling and simulation
Clustered database
Oil and gas reservoir simulation
Computational fluid dynamics
Research/computational clustering
InfiniBand provides significant competitive advantages to companies by
enabling reductions in time-to-market and more fine-grained data analysis.
There are two 9024 models supporting 10 Gbps or 20 Gbps. They can be
used to construct small InfiniBand fabrics, or as an edge or leaf switch in
larger fabrics. These multi-tier fabrics can then deliver the productivity and
performance metrics demanded by computationally intensive environments,
even as fabrics scale to very high node counts.
The 9024 is just one part of the QLogic
product family that includes the
modular 9120 (with 12 option slots) and 9240 (with 24 option slots) switch
gateway systems—all boasting non-blocking, Full Bisectional Bandwidth
(FBB) that can satisfy even the most demanding clustering applications.
Intelligent Building Blocks for Scaling Fabrics. The 9024 can be integrated
with QLogic switch gateway systems as part of a larger computing cluster.
This provides access to all 9024 attached servers from the I/O gateways
supported in the modular systems. Without additional server-based network
adapters, access is provided to a pool of shared Fibre Channel and Ethernet
network resources. QLogic provides the lowest cost and the lowest power
consolidation of cluster, Ethernet, and Fibre Channel networks.
Robust Design for the Enterprise. Built for mission-critical application, the
SilverStorm 9024 features redundant, hot-swappable power and cooling
elements with the ability to non-disruptively upgrade the operating code.
Configuration and Fabric Management. All QLogic products are managed by
the QuickSilver OS management and QLogic’s FastFabric Toolset. Together
these management tools provide system and fabric level management with
a consistent user interface for topology, configuration, performance, and
fabric diagnostics across the entire QLogic InfiniBand product portfolio.

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