Panasonic WV-CP242

Panasonic WV-CP242 manual

  • 1. The following functions are built in.
    (1) Auto Light Control (ALC)/Electronic Light
    Control (ELC)
    (2) Automatic Gain Control (AGC) +15 dB
    and Automatic Tracing White Balance
    (3) Camera synchronization mode selec-
    table between internal (INT), Line-locked
    (LL) for WV-CP240 and WV-CP244 and
    Multiplexed Vertical Drive (VD2).
    2. Minimum illumination of 0.6 lx (0.06 foot-can-
    dle) at F0.75 (equivalent to 2.0 lx (0.2 foot-
    candle) at F1.4)
    3. Signal-to-noise ratio of 50 dB
    (Equivalent to AGC Off)
    4. Horizontal resolution of 480 lines
    5. Auto iris lens control selectable between
    video signal and DC power supply.
    1. Do not attempt to disassemble the camera.
    To prevent electric shock, do not remove
    screws or covers.
    There are no user serviceable parts inside.
    Ask a qualified service person for servicing.
    2. Handle the camera with care.
    Do not abuse the camera. Avoid striking,
    shaking, etc. The camera could be damaged
    by improper handling or storage.
    3. Do not expose the camera to rain or
    moisture, or try to operate it in wet areas.
    Turn the power off immediately and ask a
    qualified service person for servicing.
    Moisture can damage the camera and also
    create the danger of electric shock.
    4. Do not use strong or abrasive detergents
    when cleaning the camera body.
    Use a dry cloth to clean the camera when
    In case the dirt is hard to remove, use a mild
    detergent and wipe gently. Afterwards, wipe
    off the remained part of the detergent in it
    with a dry cloth.
    5. Clean the CCD faceplate with care.
    Do not clean the CCD with strong or abrasive
    detergents. Use lens tissue or a cotton tipped
    applicator and ethanol.
    6. Never face the camera towards the sun.
    Do not aim the camera at bright objects.
    Before attempting to connect or operate this product,
    please read these instructions carefully and save this manual for future use.
    N0301-0 V8QA5733AN Printed in Japan
    N 19
    Model No. WV-CP240
    Color CCTV Cameras
    Operating Instructions
    (Lens Option)
    Panasonic’s WV-CP240/CP242/CP244 series digi-
    tal signal processing color CCD cameras intro-
    duce a new level of high picture quality and high
    resolution through the use of a 1/3-inch interline
    transfer CCD image sensor having 768 horizontal
    pixels (picture elements), and digital signal pro-
    cessing LSI’s. This model offers cutting-edge
    technology for advanced video surveillance.
    The exclamation point within an
    equilateral triangle is intended to
    alert the user to the presence of
    important operating and mainte-
    nance (servicing) instructions in the
    literature accompanying the appli-
    The lightning flash with arrowhead
    symbol, within an equilateral trian-
    gle, is intended to alert the user to
    the presence of uninsulated "dan-
    gerous voltage" within the product's
    enclosure that may be of sufficient
    magnitude to constitute a risk of
    electric shock to persons.
    The serial number of this product may be found on
    the bottom of the unit.
    You should note the serial number of this unit in the
    space provided and retain this instruction as a per-
    manent record of your purchase to aid identification
    in the event of theft.
    Model No.
    Serial No.
    SA 1966
    SA 1965
    To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do not expose this appliance to rain or moisture.
    NOTE: This equipment has been tested and found
    to comply with the limits for a Class A digital
    device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules.
    These limits are designed to provide reasonable
    protection against harmful interference when the
    equipment is operated in a commercial environ-
    ment. This equipment generates, uses, and can
    radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed
    and used in accordance with the instruction manu-
    al, may cause harmful interference to radio com-
    Operation of this equipment in a residential area is
    likely to cause harmful interference in which case
    the user will be required to correct the interference
    at his own expense.
    FCC Caution: To assure continued compliance,
    (example - use only shielded interface cables when
    connecting to computer or peripheral devices). Any
    changes or modifications not expressly approved
    by the party responsible for compliance could void
    the user’s authority to operate this equipment.
    For U.S.A
Panasonic WV-CP242

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Panasonic WV-CP242 specifikationer

Mærke Panasonic
Model WV-CP242
Produkt Overvågningskamera
Sprog Engels
Filtype PDF

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