Olympus DS-330

Olympus DS-330 manual

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    Main Features
    The recorder stores highly compressed
    DSS format voice messages in 16 MB
    integrated flash memory.
    The recorder supports two recording modes,
    SP (Standard Playback) mode or LP (Long
    Playback) mode. ( P.18)
    Continuous recording time is approximately 2
    hours and 35 minutes in SP mode and
    approximately 5 hours and 30 minutes in LP
    The five folders can hold 199 files each,
    for a maximum of 995 recordings. ( P.12)
    You may assign your own names to folders.
    ( P.32)
    • Each of the 5 folders can have a name of up to
    8 characters.
    This recorder has 10 pre-set name templates.
    Recorded files may be moved from one
    folder to another. ( P.36)
    Has a built-in Variable Control Voice
    Actuator (VCVA) function. ( P.16)
    You can insert or delete index marks.
    If you insert index marks during recording or
    playback, you will later be able to quickly find
    the recording you want to hear.
    The recorder has a Noise Cancel Function.
    ( P.23)
    Cortologic AG Noise Suppression Technology
    reduces noise in files and enables clear sound
    You can input file comments. ( P.35)
    You can add comments of up to 100 characters
    to each recorded file.
    This recorder has 10 pre-set comment
    It has a large backlight full-dot display (LCD
    display screen).
    The screen displays information about recorded
    voice files and easily understood operational
    It has Fast Playback and Slow Playback
    functions to control playback speed.
    ( P.21)
    If you connect the recorder to a computer,
    you can use it as a USB microphone or
    USB speaker.*
    ( P.69)
    Comes with DSS Player software. ( P.42)
    If you transfer voice files recorded with the recorder
    to a PC, you can easily play back, organize, and edit
    the files.
    Connect the included USB cable to your
    computer for faster transmission speed.
    It comes with a special cradle for convenient
    connection to a PC.
    *1: Available recording time for one continuous file.
    Available recording time may be shorter if many
    short recordings are made. (The displayed
    available recording time and recorded time are
    approximate indications.)
    *2: Do not use with Windows 98 as computer
    operation may become unstable.

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