Olympus DP-201 manual

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Setting time and date
Erase in Date
File Erase
If [Cancel]isselectedand
PLAY/OK (.)buttonis
to the stop mode.
File Erase Erase in Date
If no operations are performed for 8 seconds, the recorder returns to the stop mode.
Check the battery level beforehand to ensure that that the batteries do not run out
while processing.
1 Press SEARCH/
MENU for more
than 1 second.
2 Press 0 or 9 to
highlight the item you
want to set.
to set a date.
The clock will start from the set date and time.
Press the PLAY/OK (
) button according to
the time signal.
Check the time and date settings before using
the product again if it is left unused for long
periods of time.
Safe and proper usage
General precautions
• Do not leave the recorder in hot, humid locations such as inside
a closed automobile under direct sunlight or on the beach in the
• Do not store the recorder in places exposed to excessive moisture or
• Do not use organic solvents such as alcohol and lacquer thinner to
clean the unit.
• Do not place the recorder on top of or near electric appliances such
as TVs or refrigerators.
• Avoid recording or playing back near cellular phones or other
wireless equipment, as they may cause interference and noise. If
you experience noise, move to another place, or move the recorder
further away from such equipment.
• Avoid sand or dirt. These can cause irreparable damage.
• Avoid strong vibrations or shocks.
• Do not disassemble, repair or modify the unit yourself.
• Do not operate the unit while operating a vehicle (such as a bicycle,
motorcycle, or go-cart).
• Keep the unit out of the reach of children.
<Warning regarding data loss>
• Recorded content in memory may be destroyed or erased by
operating mistakes, unit malfunction, or during repair work.
• For important recorded content, we recommend you to write it down
some where.
• Any liability for passive damages or damage of any kind occurred due
to data loss incurred by a defect of the product, repair performed by
the third party other than Olympus or an Olympus authorized service
station, or any other reasons is excluded from Olympus’s liability.
• Batteries should never be exposed to flame, heat, short-circuited or
• Never store batteries where they will be exposed to direct sunlight,
or subjected to high temperatures in a hot vehicle, near a heat
source, etc.
• Do not solder lead wires or terminals directly onto a battery or
modify it.
• Do not connect the
= and - terminals together. This may cause fire,
overheating or electric shock.
• When carrying or storing the batteries, be sure to put them in the
provided case to protect their terminals. Do not carry or store the
batteries with any metal objects (such as key rings).
If this warning is not followed, fire, overheating or electric shock may
• Do not insert the batteries with their = and - terminals reversed.
• If any liquid from a battery gets into your eyes, promptly wash it off
with clean water and consult your doctor at once.
• Do not attempt to recharge alkaline, lithium or any other non-
rechargeable batteries.
• Never use any batteries with a torn or cracked outer cover.
• Keep batteries out of the reach of children.
• If you notice anything unusual when using this product such as
abnormal noise, heat, smoke, or a burning odor:
1 remove the batteries immediately while being careful not to burn
yourself, and;
2 call your dealer or local Olympus representative for service.
• Do not expose the batteries to water. Do not allow water to contact
the terminals.
• Do not remove or damage the batteries insulating sheet.
• Do not use the batteries if you find something wrong with them such
as leakage, color change or deformity.
• Unplug the charger if the charging is still incomplete after the
specified time it should take.
• Should any batteries liquid get on skin or clothing, promptly wash it
off with clean water.
• Keep batteries away from fire.
• Do not subject batteries to strong shocks.
• When using rechargeable batteries that have not been used for a
while, be sure to recharge them before use.
• Rechargeable batteries have a limited lifetime. When the operating
time becomes shorter even if the rechargeable battery is fully
charged under the specified condition, replace it with a new one.
Q1: The power cannot be turned on.
A1: Batteries are exhausted.
Batteries are inserted incorrectly.
Check = and - before inserting new batteries.
Terminals are soiled.
Clean them with a dry cloth.
Q2: Nothing happens when a button is pressed.
A2: The POWER switch is set to [OFF/HOLD] position.
Slide the POWER switch to the [ON] position.
Q3: No sound or quiet sound is heard from the speaker
while playing back.
A3: The earphone plug is plugged into the recorder.
The volume is set to the low level.
Q4: Recording is not possible.
A4: By pressing the
(-) button:
Check if the display shows [Memory Full].
Check if the display shows [Maximum File Size is
Delete unnecessary files before recording. A maxi-
mum of 99 files can be recorded in a day.
Q5: The playback speed is too fast (slow).
A5: The recorder is set to fast (slow) Playback.
Use the
PLAY SPEED button to set to normal play-
Recording medium: Built-in flash memory (2GB)
Overall frequency: HQ mode: 70 to 7,900 Hz
SP mode: 70 to 4,700 Hz
Guide to recording times: HQmode:Approx.98h.
SP mode: Approx. 202 h.
Microphone: Electret Condenser Microphone (monaural)
Speaker: Built-in ø 36 mm round dynamic speaker
Maximum power: 180 mW
Earphone jack (monaural):
ø 3.5 mm diameter, impedance 8 Ω or more
Power supply:
Two AAA (LR03) batteries
Continuous battery: Guide to alkaline battery life
Recording mode HQ SP
During recording mode approx.
67 h. approx. 80 h.
During playback mode
(Built-in speakers)
approx. 21 h. approx. 21 h.
During playback mode
approx. 45 h. approx. 49 h.
Dimensions: 95(L)mmx50(W)mmx18.2(T)mm
(without protrusions)
Weight: 78 g (including battery)
Operating temperature: 0°C - 42°C
• Battery life is measured by Olympus. It varies greatly according to the
type of batteries used and the conditions of use.
• Your recorded contents are for your personal use or pleasure only. It is
prohibited to record copyrighted material without permission of the
copyright holders according to copyright law.
• Specications and design are subject to change without notice for
improvement of performance.
To delete all files
recorded on a
specific date, press
button to switch to
the date display.
Select the file you want to delete and stop playback beforehand.
deleted flashes.
be deleted flashes.
After deletion, files are
renumbered consecu
tively, and the recorder
stops at the beginning of
the next file.
After deletion, the next
date with recorded files
available is displayed.
An erased
file cannot be
restored. Take care
when deleting
Time & Date
Rec Mode
3 Confirm the
File management
will be easier by
setting the time
and date.
Recommended settings by recording condition
Recording condition
Recommended settings
Dictation with a lot of
background noise.
(high quality
sound recording)
Recordings for lessons and
(high quality
sound recording)
Lengthy recordings.
Changing the recording mode
Use the 0 and 9 buttonstoswitchrecordingmodes.
Changing the display language
Use the 0 and 9 buttons to select the display language.
Turning the beep On/Off
Use the 0 and 9 buttonstoturnthe
operating sound On/O.

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