Muse M-500 BT manual

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M-500 BTW
Wireless portable bluetooth speaker
Please read the instruction carefully
before operating the unit.
GB - 1
GB - 2 GB - 3
1. Indicator light
2. [ Volume -] Previous / volume down button
3. [ POWER] On/off and play/pause button
4. [ Volume +] Next / volume up button
5. Speakers
6. RESET hole
Operated by built-in Lithium battery or DC power.
Charging the speaker
Use the provide USB cable. Connect one end to the speaker and the
other end to a computer or use an adaptor(sold separately) and connect
it to a wall socket. The “ POWER light” should be on.
During charging the red LED will be lit. When charging is complete it
will turn off.
● Please not that the USB cable can only be used for charging and not for
data transfer. USB cable can be used during playback.
NOTE: If you have connected any Bluetooth devices before, press the POWER button (3) for 5
seconds to turn on the speaker. The speaker will reconnect with that device automatically and the
indicator will ash blue quickly, then it becomes steadily lit.
Raising and lowering the volume.
● Press and hold in the volume buttons(2&4) to lower or raise the volume.
An audible signal is emitted once either the highest or lowest volume level is reached.
● Sometimes volume adjustments made on your device will also affect volume output from the speaker.
Changing tracks/songs
To skip to the previous/next songs, press the [ Volume -] or [ Volume +] button to change.
Incoming calls
When you receive an incoming mobile phone, music audio will automatically mute. Once the call has
ended, it depends entirely on you mobile phone whether the current track will return to playback or
Cable connection
To listen to the music using a wired connection, Connect your music device to the audio port using
the included audio cable.
Clean the product by wiping it with a soft dry cloth.
Never use solvent or abrasive cleaning agents.
Turning the speaker on/off
1. Turn ON: Press and hold in POWER button(3) until the indicator begin ashing blue.
2. Turn OFF: Press and hold in POWER button(3) until the indicator turns red.
Establishing a wireless connection
In order to listen to audio from your mobile phone or other bluetooth device, you must rst pair the
devices with each other.
1. Turn off any other devices that are paired with your device.
2. Start the bluetooth function on the device before pairing.
3. If it is the first time you use the speaker system, press and hold the Power button to turn the
system on. After 5s, the status indicator ashes blue with the frequency of 1s. Do not stop pressing
and holding it, one second later, the status indicator will ash blue with frequency of 80 ms.
4. Place the device into bluetooth search mode. The device will begin searching for the speaker.
5. Select M-500BT from the list.
6. Select OK or yes to pair the devices.
7. If needed, use 0000 as the password.
8. The display will remain lit if the pairing is successful.
Problem Solution
The speaker turns
off automatically
Recharge the battery
No connection Make sure the speaker is charged and that audio source is not out
of range of the speaker.
● Make sure that your bluetooth devices are properly paired.
Not functioning
If the speaker is not functioning correctly, you can push the reset
button by inserting a narrow object into the hole on the back of the
speaker. The speaker will be turned off and you can then restart it.
- Never expose the product to re as this could result in personal injury.
- Do not store the product in extremely cold or warm environments.
- Never dismantle the product.
- Never let children play with the product.
- Do not expose the product to dampness or moisture.
Battery type:
Bluetooth version
Operating time
Charging time
Max output
Charging voltage
Working distance:
80 x 80 x76 mm
Approx 150g
850 mAh lithium battery
Up to 5 hors at 60% volume
Approx 2-3 hours
2x1.5 W
Up to 10 meters measured in open space. (Wall and
structures may affect range of device)
USB cable&line-in cable(included)
The socket is only meant for connecting an audio source and not for use as a headphone outlet.
When the cable is successfully connected, the display will be blue.
● The functions(2&3&4) on the speaker will not work with the cable connected. You must control the
functions using the audio source device.
● The speaker volume(2&4) can not be adjusted in this mode.
10, Rue de la Mission, 25480 Ecole Valentin, France
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Mærke Muse
Model M-500 BT
Produkt Cradle & Dockingstation
EAN 3700460202057
Sprog Engelsk
Produktgruppe Cradle & Dockingstationer
Filtype PDF
Lyd-output kanaler 2.0
Antal højttalere 1
Antal drivere 2
Højttaler, type -
Forstærker Indbygget
Anbefalet brug Universel
Udgangseffekt (RMS) 4
Højttalernes RMS kraft 4
Frekvensområde -
Impedens -
Porte & Grænseflader
Forbindelsesteknologi Kabel & trådløs
Bluetooth udgave 2.1+EDR
Bluetooth profiler A2DP, AVRCP
USB 2.0 porte, antal 1
AUX indgang
USB opladerport
3,5 mm stik
- Bluetooth/3.5 mm
Farve på produkt Sort
Produkttype Bærbar stereohøjttaler
Andre funktioner
Strømkildetype Battery, USB
Batteritype Indbygget
Batterilevetid (maks.) 6
Batteriteknologi Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion)
Genopladningstid for batteri 3
Vægt & størrelser
Bredde 80
Dybde 80
Højde 75
Vægt 150
Emballage indhold
Kabler inkluderet Audio (3.5mm), USB