Morphy Richards Latitude manual

Morphy Richards Latitude

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Morphy Richards
Using the bun
Locate the bun warmer
rack lever and raise the
bun warmer rack .
Place the buns or other
items onto the bun
warming rack. Set the
browning control to the bun
warmer position 2. Depress
the bread carriage lever ¤.
Wait for the toaster to
switch off automatically or
press the cancel button to
switch the toaster off
before removing the buns.
WARNING: Take care
not to touch the metal
of the bun warmer as it
will be hot.
Do not put more than two
buns on the bun warmer at
any one time.
Using the bagel
To toast bagels, set the
browning control to your
preferred setting.
Cut the bagels in half.
Place the flat side of the
bagel to the back of the
toaster, to make it browner
A. Depress the bread
carriage lever ¤ and press
the bagel button .
For frozen bagels, also
press the frozen button.
In order to achieve uniform
browning, we recommend
you wait a minimum of 30
seconds between each
toasting, so that the control
can be automatically reset.
If toasting one slice only,
you may need to adjust the
browning control to a
slightly lower setting.
Note: You will also notice a
slight variation in toast
colour on one side of a
single slice.
Stale bread toasts more
rapidly than fresh bread.
Therefore, the browning
control should be set at a
lower setting than usual.
All sorts of bread can be
used, as well as teacakes,
small rolls etc. However,
slices should not be so
thick as to cause burning
or jamming within the
bread slots.
If the bread in your toaster
becomes jammed,
disconnect your toaster at
the socket, allow it to cool,
then remove the bread.
When toasting, it is
recommended items are of
equal size and freshness.
Allow the toaster to cool
fully before putting away.
1 After use and before
cleaning, switch off at the
mains, remove the plug
from the wall socket and
wait for the toaster to cool.
2 Wipe the outside of the
toaster with a damp cloth
only and dry with another
cloth or tissue.
NEVER use any metal
polish or coarse scouring
agents, and never immerse
your appliance in any sort
of liquid.
NEVER use any pointed or
sharp articles for cleaning
the inside, otherwise the
heating element will be
NEVER use a brush or
push your fingers or metal
objects down the slots.
Crumb tray
WARNING: Crumbs will
accumulate in the
crumb tray and could
catch fire if not emptied
When the appliance has
cooled down completely,
tap the sides of the case
lightly to dislodge any
crumbs lodged in the
appliance chamber and
remove the crumb tray .
Empty the tray and replace
Never operate the
appliance without the
crumb tray fitted.
WARNING: The crumb
tray contains magnets,
care must be taken by
individuals using
If you have any difficulty
with your appliance, do not
hesitate to call us.
We are more likely to be
able to help than the store
from where you bought it.
Please have the following
information ready to enable
our staff to deal with your
query quickly.
Name of the product.
Model number as shown
on the underside of the
Serial number as shown on
underside of the appliance.
UK Helpline
0844 871 0957
Replacement Parts
0844 873 0723
Ireland Helpline
1800 409 119
UUKK HHeellpplliinnee 00884444 887711 00995577 RReeppllaacceemmeenntt PPaarrttss 00884444 887733 00772233 IIrreellaanndd HHeellpplliinnee 11880000 440099 111199
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