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Ice King 4
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Ice King 4
Die Gebrauchsanleitung vor der Inbetriebnahme
durchlesen und sorgfältig aufbewahren!
The avor of sorbets depends largely on the degree of ripeness and sweetness of the fruit and juice used.
Taste the fruit before adding it to the recipe. If it is too acidic add sugar, if it is very ripe, add less sugar or no
sugar. Remember that cold reduces sweetness.
Articial sweeteners can be used in place of sugar. Add the sweetener to the mixture and mix until completely
Cooked mixtures must not be poured into the cylinder until they are completely cold.
To sweeten the mixture during preparation, do not add sugar directly into the cylinder (it does no dissolve)
.Instead, dissolve the sugar in a little water or skimmed milk and pour the resulting syrup (cooled) into the
The fruit used in the recipes must always be washed and dried before use, frit must always be peeled and
seeded, then process to mud and form mixture with the electronic food processor .When using raw eggs, make
sure they are fresh.
Under normal conditions, ice cream preparation requires less than 30~40 minutes. If the ice cream is still not
formed after check the following points before contacting an authorized service center.
1.The ingredients must be poured into the ice cream maker at room temperature or, preferably, at refrigerator
temperature, Ice cream can not be made from hot ingredients.
2.The removable cylinder must not be more than half lled. If the quantity of ingredients is excessive, the time
required forming the ice cream increases considerably and the result may not be satisfactory.
3.The compressor is tted with a safety device. In the event of power failure, or if the ice cream maker is turned
off and on again for any reason, operation of the chilling system is interrupted .The ice cream maker will
automatically shut down for 2~3 minutes before turning on again, operation will not commence, even if the
chilling button is in.
4.We strongly recommend checking all the above points before contacting the authorized service center. If the
service center does not nd a fault, the user will be required to pay the costs of the testing.
Chocolate Ice cream
An incredibly rich chocolate ice cream, this recipe can be the base for many version of your own. At the end
of the freezing process, stir in a handful of toasted nuts, such as almonds and hazelnuts or bits of chocolate
or crystallized ginger.
3 cups half-and-half
6 oz. bittersweet chocolate
100g sugar
3 egg yolks
20g heavy cream
5g vanilla extract
The volume of the removable cylinder is 5 quart
The ingredient lled in the cylinder is only 0.7quart, makes about 1 quart.
Classic vanilla ice cream
The best vanilla ice cream is made with vanilla beans that have been steeped in custard to release their
maximum avor. If vanilla beans are unavailable, simply omit the stepping and add 10g vanilla extract to chilled
custard before freezing.
3 cup half-and-half
10g vanilla extract
100g sugar
3 egg yolks
P.S.: We now provide two packages of ice cream ingredient
Making process: Pour the powder into the removable cylinder (make sure the temperature of the ingredient is
C) add 400g pure water and dash the ingredient, then you can make wonderful ice cream.

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