JL Audio M6-880ETXv3

JL Audio M6-880ETXv3 manual

  • M6-ETXv3 - Enclosed Speaker Systems
    with Transflective™ RGB LED Lighting (optional)
    Physical Specifications M6-770ETXv3 M6-880ETXv3
    Enclosure Diameter (A)
    7.70 in / 196 mm 8.80 in / 224 mm
    Enclosure Depth-Classic (B)
    12.62 in / 321 mm 14.73 in / 374 mm
    Enclosure Depth-Sport (B)
    12.67 in / 322 mm 14.80 in / 376 mm
    Height including Mounting Fixture Receiver* (C)
    8.74 in / 222 mm 9.67 in / 246 mm
    Mounting Fixture Receiver / Enclosure Offset (D)
    1.04 in / 26 mm 0.87 in / 22 mm
    *Mounting Fixtures Required (sold separately)
    General Specifications M6-770ETXv3 M6-880ETXv3
    System Nominal Impedance
    4 Ω 4 Ω
    System Frequency Response
    45 Hz - 25 KHz ± 3 dB 38 Hz - 20 KHz ± 3 dB
    System Efficiency
    91.0 dB @ 1 W / 1 m 90.5 dB @ 1 W / 1 m
    Continuous Power Handling (RMS)
    100 W 125 W
    Peak Music Power
    200 W 250 W
    Recommended RMS Amplifier Power (per Ch.)
    40 - 200 W 50 - 250 W
    Thank you for choosing JL Audio Marine
    Enclosed Speaker Systems. With proper
    installation, your new speakers will deliver years
    of listening pleasure.
    We strongly recommend that you have your
    Enclosed Speaker Systems installed by your
    authorized JL Audio dealer. The installation
    professionals employed by your dealer have the
    necessary tools and experience to properly install
    this product. If you prefer to perform your own
    installation, please read this and the instructions
    included with your Mounting Fixtures (sold
    separately) completely before beginning the process.
    Installation of this product requires use of
    JL Audio® Mounting Fixtures (sold separately).
    No other method of installation should be
    attempted. To avoid injury, installation
    instructions included with the JL Audio®.
    Mounting Fixtures MUST be followed precisely.
    Do not attempt to remove the LEDs from from the
    speakers. The LEDs are permanently fixed and
    attempting to remove them will cause damage and
    this damage will not be covered under warranty.
    Illuminated speaker models are equipped with
    our innovative Transflective™ RGB LED lighting
    system (patent pending). Fully integrated into the
    speaker chassis, state-of-the-art LED rings are
    positioned behind the woofer cones to produce
    vibrant accent lighting that is remarkably smooth
    and even, with no hot spots. A cable harness exiting
    the enclosure includes wire leads for speaker and
    LED connections. Refer to the Wiring Harness Info
    table for individual RGB wire connection info.
    Note: Wiring connections at each speaker location
    are required for LED functionality.
    Adjustable control of RGB lighting may be
    achieved with the use of an RGB lighting controller
    (sold separately). Note: When selecting an RGB
    lighting controller, make sure that the total
    amperage demands of all LED circuits does not
    exceed the output capacity of the controller.
    Refer to the RGB LED Specifications table for the
    individual current draw amounts and sum (add)
    the total. For optimal performance, we recommend
    using the JL Audio marine lighting controller
    Alternatively, you may hard wire individual leads
    or a combination of leads to achieve up to seven
    different LED color assortments. Refer to the Direct
    LED Wiring Info table for the wire colors used to
    achieve specific LED colors.
    Wiring Harness Info
    Wire Size Wire Color Use
    16 AWG
    Red/Stripe Speaker Positive (+)
    Speaker Negative (–)
    20 AWG
    Red Red RGB LED Negative (–)
    Green Green RGB LED Negative (–)
    Blue Blue RGB LED Negative (–)
    Yellow Main RGB LED Positive (+12V)
    Note: Not all wires may be used in normal applications. Refer to the
    instructions of your RGB lighting controller for specific connection info.
    Direct LED Wiring Info
    LED Color Wire Color(s) Connection
    Red Red
    Combine selected
    wires from all
    speakers and connect
    to negative ground
    or to the negative (–)
    battery post.
    Green Green
    Blue Blue
    Yellow Red and Green
    Pink Red and Blue
    Aqua Green and Blue
    White Red, Green and Blue
    Combine all YELLOW (+12V) leads together (parallel)
    and connect to a switched +12V supply. See below for
    additional info.
    RGB LED Specifications
    Specification M6-770ETXv3 M6-880ETXv3
    LED Current Draw
    at 12V DC
    324 mA 486 mA
    Fuse Value
    500 mA 750 mA
    LED Voltage
    10 - 14.4V DC
    • Do not connect to 24V electrical systems.
    Do not connect the speakers’ LED lights to the
    vessels navigational lighting circuits.
    For short-circuit protection, we recommend
    installing a fuse (not included) at EACH speaker’s
    YELLOW (+12V) LED power connection lead.
    Refer to the RGB LED Specifications table for
    recommended fuse ratings.
    We recommend a minimum of 16AWG wire size
    for each speaker’s LED connection circuits.
    In addition to the above, we recommend
    activating the speakers’ LEDs thru a cabin/
    interior lighting circuit that supplies +12V via an
    existing switch. If an existing switched circuit
    is not available, you may install a dedicated
    toggle/rocker style switch that will supply
    positive (+12V) power. Fuse this main +12V
    connection according to the total amperage
    demands of all LED circuits. Refer to the RGB
    LED Specifications table for individual current
    draw amounts and recommended fuse ratings.
    • Two Aluminum Logo Caps
    • One Tube of Silicone Adhesive
    • Eight Red Butt Splice Connectors (#22-18 AWG)
    • Four Blue Butt Splice Connectors (#16-14 AWG)
    NOTE: Illustration may not be to scale.
    Sport Grille Shown.
JL Audio M6-880ETXv3

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JL Audio M6-880ETXv3 specifikationer

Mærke JL Audio
Model M6-880ETXv3
Produkt Højttaler
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