DeLonghi Gelataio ICK8000 manual

DeLonghi Gelataio ICK8000

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Gelataio ICK8000
Read all this manual thoroughly before using the
appliance. This is the only way to ensure the best
results and maximum safety for the user.
Save these instructions for future reference.
It is dangerous to modify or alter the characteri-
stics of the appliance in any way.
The appliance must be installed in conformity
with national legislation regulating electrical
Before using the appliance, check that the mains
supply voltage corresponds to the voltage indica-
ted on the rating plate.
Connect the appliance to an efficiently earthed
power supply and sockets with a minimum cur-
rent rating of 10A only.
If the socket and the plug of the appliance are
incompatible, the socket should be changed by a
qualified professional only.
The manufacturer cannot be considered responsi-
ble for damage caused by the absence of an
earth connection on the power supply line.
If in doubt, consult a qualified professional.
If the power cable is damaged, it must be repla-
ced by the manufacturer or the manufacturer's
Customer Services in order to avoid all risk.
This appliance must be used exclusively by
Never allow the appliance to be used by persons
(including children) with psychological, physical
or sensory impairments or with insufficient kno-
wledge, unless closely supervised and instructed
by someone responsible for their safety.
Children must be supervised to ensure they do
not play with the appliance.
After removing the packing, make sure the
appliance is not damaged.
If in doubt, do not use the appliance and contact
a qualified professional.
Do not leave packaging (plastic bags, polystyre-
ne foam, etc) within reach of children as it could
be dangerous.
The materials used for packaging can be recy-
You are therefore recommended to dispose of
them in special differentiated waste collection
Do not use extension leads.
Do not install the appliance in rooms containing
gas, oil or sulphur. Do not install near sources of
Keep the appliance at least 50 cm away from
flammable substances (alcohol etc) or pressurised
containers (e.g. aerosol cans).
Do not rest heavy or hot objects on top of the
This appliance is intended for household use only.
It must not be used outdoors.
Any other use is considered improper and thus
The manufacturer is not liable for damage cau-
sed by inappropriate, incorrect or irresponsible
use or for damage resulting from repairs carried
out by unqualified personnel.
The appliance must not be laid on its side or tur-
ned upside down.
Wait at least 1 hour after transporting the
appliance before starting it
Do not leave the selector in the position for
more than 1 minute.
Use the appliance away from heat sources.
Leave at least 20 cm between the appliance and
walls or objects which could obstruct free air
Do not remove the lid while the dasher is
The use of all electrical appliances implies the obser-
vance of some fundamental rules.
In particular:
Never touch the appliance with wet or damp
hands or feet.
Never immerse the appliance in water.
Never use the appliance in bathrooms.
Do not pull the power cable.
Before cleaning or servicing, disconnect the
appliance by unplugging from the mains.
In the event of malfunction or faulty operation,
switch off and do not attempt to repair.
For all repairs contact the manufacturer's autho-
rised Customer Services only and ask for original
spare parts.
Failure to respect the above could reduce the
safety of the appliance.
When the appliance is to be discarded, after
unplugging from the mains, the cable should be
cut to make the appliance unusable.
Unplug the appliance when not in use.
Do not leave plugged in unnecessarily.
At the end of its working life, take the appliance
to a specialist waste collection centre.
Materials and accessories coming into contact with
food conform to EEC directive 1935/2004.
This appliance also complies with the relevant EC
directives, including on radio interference suppres-

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Skål, kapacitet 1.2
Fjernbar skål yes
Forberedelsestid -
Skål, materiale Rustfrit stål
Antal skåle 2
Andre funktioner
Indbygget fryser -
Is-type Is
Emballage indhold
Opskriftsbog yes
Antal inkluderede opbevaringsskåle 2
Farve på produkt Hvid
Vægt & størrelser
Bredde 430
Dybde 297
Højde   404
Vægt 19000
AC frekvens 50
AC indgangsspænding 220 - 240
Strøm 230
Skridsikkert fodunderlag yes
Nem at rengøre yes