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manualCygnett GrooveTube
The package includes a speaker, remote control, power adaptor, audio cable
and nano adaptor.


Supports iPod video & iPod nano.
Input jack for connecting audio products including laptops, and
other MP3 players (cable included).
Connect to TV or monitor through the Video output at rear of unit
(cable not included).
Power output: 40W
Built in radio function with alarm clock
Full remote control for iPod and speaker system
Recharges the power while playing
Power on /off.
Select the function menu
To go back to MENU Function.
Volume Down.
Volume Up.
Select Aux, AM or FM
Set time display and clock time
VOL - :
VOL + :
Press to start playback, press again to pause.
Back to previous song.
Advance to next song.
Go to the function you choose.
If the plug or the power supply cord needs to be replaced, ensure that the
replacement complies with the manufacturers recommendation.
To prevent electric shock, insert the plug fully into the wall socket.
Do not attempt to repair the unit by yourself. It should be done by a qualified
service technician.
To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do not expose this appliance to rain
or moisture. Any servicing should be done by qualified personnel only. The
audio system should be located 0.5 meters from the TV set.
WARNING:CAUTION:Damage Requiring Service
1. Standby
2. Mute
3. Volume " -"
4. Volume "+"
5. Alarm (On / OFF)
6. LED flashes on standby
LED is blue when in
playback mode
1 2 3
When disconnecting the DC power cord, disconnect the power source. Do not
pull the cord by itself.
Never handle the DC power plug with wet hands as this could cause an
electric shock.
The audio system should be located 1.5 metres from your TV set.
For Your Safety


Compact portable speaker

system for your iPod

Your new Portable audio system is designed to deliver maximum enjoyment.
Please take a few moments to read this manual thoroughly. It will explain the
features and operation of your unit and help ensure a trouble free installation.
Congratulations on Your Purchase!Unpacking And Installation
Unpack your unit carefully. We recommend that you save the carton and packing
materials in case you ever need to store your unit. To avoid damage, never place
the unit near radiators, in front of heating vents, in direct sun light or near
1. S-Video
3. DC in 18V
5. AUX
7. Battery
2. Composite
4. Earphone
6. Handle
1 2 3
5 77


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Mærke Cygnett
Model GrooveTube
Produkt Højttaler
EAN 0879144000234
Sprog Engelsk
Filtype Brugermanual (PDF)

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