Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II manual

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Safety Precautions
Do not look at the sun or a bright light source through
the lens or camera.
Doing so could result in loss of
vision. Looking at the sun directly through the lens is
especially hazardous.
Whether it is attached to the camera or not, do not
leave the lens under the sun without the lens cap
This is to prevent the lens from concentrating
the sun’s rays, which could cause a fire.
Handling Cautions
If the lens is taken from a cold environment into a warm
one, condensation may develop on the lens surface and
internal parts.
To prevent condensation in this case, first
put the lens into an airtight plastic bag before taking it
from a cold to warm environment. Then take out the lens
after it has warmed gradually. Do the same when taking
the lens from a warm environment into a cold one.
1. Mounting and Detaching the Lens
See your camera’s instructions for details on mounting
and detaching the lens.
After detaching the lens, place the lens with the rear end
up to prevent the lens surface and contacts from getting
If the contacts get soiled, scratched, or have fingerprints
on them, corrosion or faulty connections can result. The
camera and lens may not operate properly.
If the contacts get soiled or have fingerprints on them,
clean them with a soft cloth.
If you remove the lens, cover it with the dust cap. To
attach it properly, align the lens mount index and the
index of the dust cap as shown in diagram
, and turn
clockwise. To remove it, reverse the order.
2. Setting the Focus Mode
To shoot in autofocus (AF) mode, set the focus mode switch
to AF
To shoot in manual focus (MF) mode, set the focus mode
switch to MF, and focus by turning the focusing ring.
Do not touch the rotating parts of the lens while AF is
Do not focus in MF when the focus mode switch is set to
Focus mode switch
Lens mount index
Focusing ring
EF Lens
EF50mm f/1.8 II

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Mærke Canon
Model EF 50mm f/1.8 II
Produkt Linse
EAN 0082966212727, 82966212727, 8714574998848
Sprog Engelsk
Produktgruppe Linser
Filtype PDF
Linsestruktur (elementer/grupper) 6/5
Diagonal, synsfelt (maks.) 46
Antal blændere 5
Korteste fokuseringsafstand 0.45
Maksimal aperture 22
Vægt & størrelser
Filterstørrelse 52
Andre funktioner
Forstørrelse 0.15
AF aktuator MM
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