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Botex PSA 322
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manualBotex PSA 322
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DocID: 447177_09.03.2020

PSA 322 Power Distributor


Universal power distributor for stages and all kinds of
CEE32 A input
2×CEE16 A output
For indoor use
Clear allocation of fuses and outputs by using letters
Front panel: 3×phase light
1×16A safety socket
Fuse: 2×RCBO 3P 6000A 30mA Type ‘C’
3×RCBO 1P 6000A 30mA Type ‘C’
Rear panel: Input:
Appliance inlet CEE32 400V, 5p, 6h
2×appliance outlet CEE16 400V, 5p, 6h,
3×16A safety sockets (1×per phase)
19" housing for rack mounting, 3RU
Dimensions: 484×133×260mm (W×H×D)
Weight: 6.5kg
Safety instructions
Intended use
This device is used to distribute mains voltage to several consumers.
Any other use or use under other operating conditions is considered to
be improper and may result in personal injury or property damage. No
liability will be assumed for damages resulting from improper use.
Dangers for children
Ensure that plastic bags, packaging, etc. are disposed of properly and are not
within reach of babies and young children. Choking hazard! Ensure that children
do not detach any small parts (e.g. knobs or the like) from the unit. They could
swallow the pieces and choke! Never let children unattended use electrical de-
Operating conditions
This device has been designed for indoor use only. To prevent damage, never
expose the device to any liquid or moisture. Avoid direct sunlight, heavy dirt,
and strong vibrations.
Electric shock caused by high voltages inside
Within the device there are areas where high voltages may be present. Never
remove any covers. There are no user-serviceable parts inside.
Handling the supply cord
Do not place the device or speaker boxes or similar on the supply cord and be
careful not to pinch it. Never tie a knot in the supply cord or tie it with other
cables. Route the supply cord so that no one steps on or trips over it. A damaged
supply cord can cause a re or electric shock. Replace any broken cables.
Protecting the environment
For the transport and protective packaging, environmentally friendly
materials have been chosen that can be supplied to normal recycling.
Ensure that plastic bags, packaging, etc. are properly disposed of. Do not
just dispose of these materials with your normal household waste, but
make sure that they are collected for recycling. Please follow the notes
and markings on the packaging.
This product is subject to the European Waste Electrical and Electronic
Equipment Directive (WEEE) in its currently valid version. Do not dispose
of your old device with your normal household waste. Dispose of this
product through an approved waste disposal rm or through your local
waste facility. Comply with the rules and regulations that apply in your
country. If in doubt, consult your local waste disposal facility.

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PSA 322
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